TOPP ANGUS | The Pamela Family
Topp Angus is located in Grace City, North Dakota; a no-nonsense program with strict requirements placed on our cattle from birth through weaning, to maturity and back to breeding. We utilize the most advanced technologies available in the industry but understand there is no replacement for common sense, well-balanced cattle.
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The Pamela Family

TAD Pamela 9106 -


Registration: +16513996
Birthdate: 4/12/2009

SIRE: GAR Retail Product

GAR Precision 1680 x GAR Ext 4927

DAM: Basin Pamela L40

Basin Max 602C x Basin Pamela 890Z

Basin Pamela L40 -


Registration: #14263336
Birthdate: 1/28/2001

SIRE: Basin Max 602C

GT Maximum x Basin Eline Erica 315U

DAM: Basin Pamela 890Z

Basin Rainmaker DS 380U x Basin Pamela 5958