Herd Sires

Topp Huron 8350


Registration: 19456453 [ View EPD Details ]
Birthdate: 8/7/2018

SIRE: Mohnen South Dakota 402

Mohnen Density 730 x Mohnen Jilt 539

DAM: Topp Barbara 5309

Connelly Capitalist 028 x TC Barbara 5016

Owned with Nic Harding Angus, ND

Huron exemplifies every breeding goal we have at Topp Angus. He stems from the high producing, predictable, never-miss Barbara cow family, where the first three cows on the bottom side of his pedigree have a combined nursing ratio of 20 at 107. With the problem-free calving history so deeply ingrained in Huron’s pedigree we decided to use this high performing South Dakota 402 son on both heifers and cows his first breeding season. We are happy to report his calves come easy, averaging 80 pounds on heifers, have excellent vigor, and early growth. Structurally this 6-frame bull is extremely wide-based, with a huge chest floor and full heart girth, deep flanked with a square hip that carries all the way down to his excellent feet and blends it together into a balanced, extremely attractive, proud herd bull look. 

Poss ATM


Registration: 19096991 [ View EPD Details ]
Birthdate: 2/12/2018

SIRE: Basin Payweight 1682

Basin Payweight 006S x 21AR O Lass 7017 

DAM: Poss Ellunamere 5525

Poss Easy Impact 0119 x Poss Ellunamere 0170

Owned with Poss Angus, NE

ATM comes to us from the same program and a ¾ brother to the heavily used Poss Maverick. ATM brings us the low birth predictability and positive marbling traits of the infamous Basin Payweight 1682 with a longer hip, larger frame, and better epd profile. Placing in the top 30% on claw, 10% on angle, top 1% on pap, top 15% on marbling and top 20% on all $value traits, whether you believe in numbers or not this is a bull that is difficult to ignore. This guaranteed calving ease sire is a big middled bull that is full through his heart girth with a very large, correct foot, and balanced traits throughout. ATM is an outcross for our program but breeds the same balance and functionality we require from all of our bulls. 

Topp Binford 8343


Registration: 19446617 [ View EPD Details ]
Birthdate: 8/6/2018

SIRE: HA Cowboy Up 5405

HA Outside 3008 x HA Blackcap Lady 1602

DAM: TA Ruby 3753

Sitz Dash 11100 x TC Ruby 4076

Owned with Chuck Magill, ND

Binford is the real deal and is being used extensively in our program. He is extremely long, with excellent muscle expression, wide based from top to bottom with great feet, and the amount of bone that is needed in the angus breed today. Best of all his dam Topp Ruby 3753 is an incredible pathfinder cow (as are two additional sisters) with extra milk, strong attachment and perfect teat placement. We use Binford for power, performance and maternal. Binford placed in the top 1% in weaning and yearling on his epd profile and with the shear thickness and length of his first calves on the ground it is very obvious this number will hold true. 

Sitz Drive 625F


Registration: 19102562 [ View EPD Details ]
Birthdate: 2/2/2018

SIRE: Sitz Invasion 574D

Connelly Conquest x Sitz Supermama 173Z

DAM: Sitz Miss Burgess 304D

Sitz Game Day 748A x Sitz Miss Burgess 138Y

Owned with Hamco Cattle Co, MB Canada

Drive is our resident bomb-proof, calving ease sire. Drive has extreme length of body, a strong topline and full heart girth which he has stamped into his first progeny. Drive’s maternal predictability and the broodiness of his first heifer calves has us excited about the set of cows he will leave us with. His first calf crop came easy and weaned off well, ratioing a 97 at birth and a 102 at weaning. Drive has maintained his condition very well throughout six natural breeding seasons in the first two years. 

Topp Republic 8062


Registration: 19223930 [ View EPD Details ]
Birthdate: 1/12/2018

SIRE: SVA The Donald 4030

Sitz Investment 660Z x SVA Eileen 9051

DAM: TA Forever 3738

Mohnen Wolf Creek 1871 x TC Forever 6123

Owned with Janssen Angus, IA

Republic is a high performance, gentle natured bull that recorded an individual IMF ratio of 110, 924lb 205-day weight and an impressive 1430lb individual yearling weight in our program that prides itself on not overfeeding bulls on test. Out of our very influential herd sire The Donald 4030 and the grandson of one of the foundation donor cows of the Topp Angus program Republic’s pedigree is packed with the most elite bloodlines Topp Angus has to offer. We love his extra frame, wide base, long body, and superior foot quality. Republic is long strided, free moving with a herd bull presence. If structural soundness and phenotypic balance is of importance to you as a breeder, then Republic deserves a hard look. 

Hamco Raptor 3F


Registration: 19507221 [ View EPD Details ]
Birthdate: 1/15/2018

SIRE: Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36

MCC Daybreak x QHF Blackcap 6E2 of4V16 4355 

DAM: Topp Peggy 6055

Connelly Capitalist 028 x TC Peggy 5092

Owned with Hamco Cattle Co, MB Canada

Hamco Raptor 3F was sold to Hamco Cattle Company, Glenboro MB Canada, in utero to the heifer Topp Peggy 6055 during the 2017 Topp Angus Female Sale. Upon seeing Raptor at the Hamco sale in March of 2019 we instantly decided to purchase part of him. He stood out for his performance, length of body, bone, and overall width. His excellent docility came very naturally and made it very easy to evaluate him. The predictable performance stemming from the Peggy cow family along with his calving ease attributes and huge ribeye make him a bull that not only provides us with lots of mating flexibility but gives us a go-to sire to improve upon all balanced traits. Top 20% CED, 2% WW, 2% YW, 10% RADG, 10% angle, 2% REA. 

Topp United 9015


Registration: 19446452 [ View EPD Details ]
Birthdate: 1/6/2019

SIRE: Musgrave Aviator

Koupals B&B Identity x MCATL Forever Lady 1429-138

DAM: Topp Blackbird 6078

SAV Final Answer 0035 x SAV Blackbird 5297

Owned with Jake Hegland, ND

We purchased back breeding rights in United from Jake Hegland, Oberon, ND, after he sold in our 2020 production sale. We could not ignore the mating flexibility, efficiency, and excellent profile that United possesses. There is maternal predictability and productivity built into his pedigree combining Musgrave Aviator with Blackbird 6078, the maternal sister to Topp Barron 6148 and a full sister to SAV Pioneer 7301. We expect great things from this young calving ease sire. 

Topp Barron 6148


Registration: 18792146 [ View EPD Details ]
Birthdate: 8/10/2016

SIRE: SVA The Donald 4030

Sitz Investment 660Z x SVA Eileen 9051

DAM: SAV Blackbird 5297

Boyd New Day 8005 x SAV Blackbird 1082

Owned with Nic Harding Angus, ND

Topp Barron 6148 is a true performance bull that cannot be ignored. After Barron sold to Nic Harding Angus, McHenry North Dakota in the 2018 sale we decided to purchase part of him back for in herd use. Combining our extremely influential herd sire The Donald 4030 with SAV Blackbird 5297 created a powerhouse of a bull that we all desire when feeding out calves. Barron possesses extreme length of body, supported by a strong topline, incredible muscle expression, a full heart girth and extra bone, all being carried on a big, solid foot. No different than his sire The Donald, Barron stamps all of his bull calves with the same power and performance as himself and his daughters with a strong, balanced build coupled with femininity. 

TC Freal 625 (New)


Registration: 18533625 [ View EPD Details ]
Birthdate: 1/23/2016

SIRE: EF Authentic 0829

G A R New Design 5050 x 2 Bar Objective 7836

DAM: TC Grimaker 4063

TC Romeo 917 x Flag Grimacer 10793

Owned with TC Ranch Inc, NE

Freal was brought in as a do-it-all sire. 

He was purchased in February of 2017 and soon after put to work breeding the newly developed spring herd. He has proven himself to be able to stand up to the rigors of two breeding seasons a year and continues to hold up. 

Freal has the moderate birth, high growth, extended length, maternal and carcass that we strive to produce. His added docility and perfect foot are traits that we require and that he excels in. His calves continue to come unassisted and are capable of withstanding the harsh environment that North Dakota has to offer. 

SVA The Donald 4030 - toppangus.com


Registration: 17917143 [ View EPD Details ]
Birthdate: 2/6/2014

SIRE: Sitz Investment 660Z

Connealy Final Product x Sitz Ellunas Elite 656T

DAM: SVA Eileen 9051

SAV Final Answer 0035 x SVA Eileen 7015

Owned with Sauk Valley Angus, IL

The Donald came to us in our pursuit of a bull that can balance the genomic and EPD profile that we desire with the absolute structural integrity that the industry needs. 

The Donald quickly became a ranch favorite at Topp Angus. Whether it is his ability to sire performance in the form of extreme length, depth of body, and stoutness all in a moderate frame size or his quiet demeanor that he breeds into every one of his calves it is difficult to determine which part of him we love more. 

With their flawless udders and broodiness his daughters have yet to disappoint. We look for the Donald daughters to have a lasting impact on our cowherd for many generations to come. 

Circle A Mogul 3463 - toppangus.com


Registration: 17750079 [ View EPD Details ]
Birthdate: 9/10/2013

SIRE: Diamond in the Rough

Diamond Justice 901S x Diamond Black Lady 7206

DAM: Circle A Forever Lady 7226

Circle A Endeavor 2058 x SydGen Forever Lady 2904

Owned with Circle A Ranch, MO

Mogul was purchased for the Topp Angus program as a unique outcross sire that could sire short gestation and lower birth weight yet pack on the pounds quickly to assist those fall calves going into winter. He added some frame along with performance. 

His sons produce the type of calves that feeder operations crave. They have the added frame to improve yield grade and a lower dmi/RADG ratio. 

Mohnen Wolf Creek 1871 - toppangus.com


Registration: +17032793 [ View EPD Details ]
Birthdate: 1/20/2011

SIRE: H A Image Maker 0415

Hero 6267 of R R 2418 x H A Rito Blackcap 9038

DAM: Mohnen Jilt 1283

Boyd New Day 8005 x Mohnen Jilt 143

Owned with Mohnen Angus Farms, SD

Wolf Creek came to us as the genetic gem of the 2012 Mohnen Angus Sale out of White Lake, South Dakota. 

After touring the Dave and Yvonne Hinman herd in Malta, Montana and witnessing firsthand the base of cows that HA Image Maker provided I was set on owning a son. Soon after I met with and toured the Mohnen Angus operation and set my sights on Wolf Creek. 

Combining the maternal predictability of Image Maker and the herd bull producing capabilities of Jilt 1283 it was a surefire guarantee that Wolf Creek could provide us with the genetic consistency we were seeking. 

Wolf Creek has gone on to sire some of the finest producing females in the Topp Angus program. 

They are the exact functional females that we all desire – they out produce themselves and never miss. 

Topp Hancock 2154 - toppangus.com


Registration: 17615541 [ View EPD Details ]
Birthdate: 8/24/2012

SIRE: VDAR Really Windy 4097

AAR Really Windy 1205 x VDAR Blackbird 2031

DAM: TA Marcia 0616

Vin-Mar Focus In 8847 x TC Marcia 6170

Owned with White Angus Farm, IL

Hancock was the first natural calf raised by TA Marcia 0616 who went on to become one of our top donors in our program. She produced broody, heavy milking females and stout, wide based sons. 

Hancock has proven to be a reliable calving ease sire. His calves were born unassisted with lots of vigor. He produced sound, feminine daughters with flawless udders and well balanced, free moving sons. 

Vin Mar Focus In 8847 - toppangus.com


Registration: 16135296 [ View EPD Details ]
Birthdate: 1/14/2008

SIRE: Mytty In Focus

S A F Focus of E R x Mytty Countess 906

DAM: Baldridge Erroline S216

Rito 1I2 of 2536 Rito 6I6 x Baldridge Erroline L540

Owned with TC Ranch Inc., NE and Vin-Mar Cattle Co, NE

Focus In was brought in as the initial walking sire when we bought the original TC fall herd. He was our introduction to a new way of viewing what a calving ease sire can be; massive. This bull was big-topped, big quartered, massive ribbed, with lots of bone, and a large, sound foot. 

The pure mass of this bull made calving ease look improbable. However with his short gestation and moderate birth weights we were able to consistently use him on heifers without issue. 

With our foundation herd calving mainly in the fall on grass problem-free calving is something that we cannot ignore. Calves need to be born unassisted with excellent vigor. 

We look for moderate birth, growing into mass and power with all of our herd bulls. This is exactly what Focus In was able to offer to the foundation herd as good as anyone could ever ask for. 

Sitz Dash 11100 - toppangus.com


Registration: +16561179 [ View EPD Details ]
Birthdate: 2/7/2010

SIRE: Sitz Dash 10277

Sitz Upward 307R x Sitz Everelda Entense 2665

DAM: Sitz Florabelle Fanny 2683

Sitz Traveler 5924 x Sitz Florabelle Fanny 1217

Owned with Black Gold Angus, SD and Sitz Angus Farm, MT

Sitz Icon 1054 - toppangus.com


Registration: 16563306 [ View EPD Details ]
Birthdate: 2/12/2010

SIRE: GDAR Game Day 449

Boyd New Day 8005 x GDAR Miss Wix 474

DAM: Sitz Beebe Queen 1956

Sitz Alliance 476P x Sitz Beebe Queen 2093

Owned with Black Gold Angus, SD and Shipwheel Cattle Co, MT